250px-447RioluRiolu is a a small canine with blue and black fur and bright red eyes. Although unable to use Psychic-type moves, they seem to be able to read the auras of people and Pokémon, and take these into account in battle, often meaning they appear to read the minds of those they encounter.

They are native to Egypt, although occasionally found in neighbouring countries (namely Syria, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Libya). They, like their evolution, are supposedly the inspiration behind the ancient god Anubis.

Officially classified as a Baby Pokémon rather than a Basic Pokémon, their powers are not quite yet at their most volatile. While they’re speedy and have pretty good attack power for their size, their defences are no match for larger and stronger Pokémon.

They are mostly nocturnal, hunting out small mammalian Pokémon and slow Bug-types, although they are also known to scavenge larger carcasses, their red eyes in the dark said to be enough to scare off whatever did the killing. They travel in small groups away from Lucario, and their tenaciousness has led, in Indian and Pakistani cultures, to give them the same suggestion as courage often given to species like Luxray and Pyroar.

Personal Dispatches
Having never visited Egypt, I have yet to encounter Riolu in the wild. I have battled them on a couple of occasions, but due to my personal beliefs regarding baby Pokémon, I have not used one myself nor have any intention of doing so.


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